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    I have an 08 HiHy. I really

    I have an 08 HiHy. I really like the car, but my gas mileage is only 23 mpg average. My normal driving is short trips (kids to nearby schools, my office is only 3 miles away, etc.). We live in PA in a fairly hilly area. I get close to 30 mpg on highway trips, but usually under 20 for my local driving. Better in warm weather, but the winters are terrible for mpg. With 69K miles, I'm nearing the end of my extended warranty and I'm getting concerned about long-term maintenance costs. I'm considering getting a Honda Pilot with similar mpg to my average. We usually keep our cars for 10 years, but I'm just not sure that this one is going to make sense for the long-term. Anyone have any thoughts on long-term costs for the 08?

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    I see I have lots of

    I see I have lots of company; let me add my 2 cents worth. I have 3 years on my 2009 HiHy Limited. Started ~23.5 mpg, but is steadily decreasing, now 21. Also, refuel volumes fluctuate wildly, despite long periods of constant driving conditions. For a 300 mile trip, I have logged refuel volumes that calculate to a range of 17 to 27 mpg!
    Here in our part of northern CA, we have 10% ethanol year around, which knocks of ~1 mpg from EPA est of 26 overall. I also live in the hills, so that knocks off more mpg, even with the regen braking. I do see a summer/winter shift of +/- 1-2 mpg superimposed on this decline. I also see consistently better mpg on long freeway trips than around town.
    So, I was marginally happy with the initial 23.5; but the steady mpg decrease and erratic refueling volumes have surprised me. I sent a 10-page letter to Toyota with charts & graphs demonstrating the mpg decline and at least I have gotten a "Case#" and "Case Mgr", but no help on the declining mpg. Diagnosis by local dealer shows all systems "operating normally". I already employ fuel saving driving habits, I think, to the point where my wife accuses me of driving like "grampa".
    I guess I might try the informal procedure I've seen on the Edmunds forum for resetting the ECU, but I'll first bounce that off the local service advisor and my "Case mgr" to see what they say. Thanks for the opportunity to let off steam.

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    Let us know what you learn.

    Let us know what you learn. I have an 06 Highlander with the same problem. Was getting 27 when I bought it used, 3 years old. Now it is down to about 22.5. I've gotten the same answers from dealers, that it is within spec., that it could be the winter gas, that it might be the worn tires (I got new tires and the mileage went down!). As far as driving techniques go, it seems like you could use "fuel efficient driving dechniques" in any car or suv and get better results.

    Overall I love the car, but this aspect is disappointing.

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    Highlander Hybrid received

    Highlander Hybrid received its first major redesign with an all-new chassis and an improved Hybrid Synergy Drive System. The Highlander Hybrid offers the quiet ride of a midsize sedan with the higher ride height and cargo capacity of a midsize SUV. Rochester Lawyer

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    I've had my 2010 Highkander

    I've had my 2010 Highkander for 13 days and have tried all sorts of driving habits on 4 full tanks of gas- nothing seems to change- I can't get better than 19.4mpg. I took it back to the dealer- they did that reset mentioned above. I will see if it makes a difference but I feel I was either mislead or sold a very expensive lemon.

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    I own a 08 highlander hybrid

    I own a 08 highlander hybrid and driving it almost 2 yrs. Obviously I bought it as used. At the beginning I was having 18/20 mpg but then it gradually increased as I understood how to drive a hybrid car. Currently I am getting between 24 - 26 mpg. I was actually expecting to have a little more like close to 30. Having your tires psi to 35 helps but most importantly how you drive what effects the mpg.

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    My 2010 Highlander is

    My 2010 Highlander is getting 19, down from 21-22 over the summer. It's just gotten much colder here (though not totally frigid, just about 35 in the AM), and I'm driving more miles on the highway. Very disappointed in recent performance and am looking to trade it for a Prius V. :/ I have been driving a hybrid since 2006 so I'm familiar with the hows, but it's just not performing well.

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    I've had my 2010 Hyhi for

    I've had my 2010 Hyhi for little over a month. I've been getting the same exact numbers. The max I've had is 22 on highway and city driving is nowhere above 21mpg. I am disappointed and visiting the dealer next week to see what they could do. I paid a huge money like everyone else.

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    NDABUNKA: Ive not had any luck finding your reset procedure for an 08 Highlander Hybrid. Im getting 20 mpg and would like to try to reset the ECU and have it relearn. Im also reading stuff about the idle control reset? Im assuming the ECU reset would cover that tho. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I'm in the same boat as myfirsthybrid. Anyone know this ECU and ISC reset procedure that NDABUNKA has talked about? I've read every forum on the internet and drive all City miles like a grandpa and can't beat 20 mpg. That's atleast 25% off where I should be. Moderate climate. Tried sea foams, tires, new air filter etc etc etc etc. Dealerships are useless to me too as they give me song and dance about EPA.

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