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    I bought my 2008 Prius new.

    I bought my 2008 Prius new. About 8 months ago, I started having occasional "fill up" problems when the pump would click off and the gauge would not show all bumps (dots, bars, whatever) lit. I would then go back and put in another 1/2 to 1 gallon. I can attest to the bladder issue as the cause due to temperature variations. However, on my most recent trip, things got weird.

    # Miles Gals MPG (Calculated)
    1 339 8.5 39.9
    2 382 6.2 61.6
    3 208 3.25 64.0
    4 209 7.9 26.5

    The temperatures for all fill ups were between 75 and 95 degrees. This much discrepancy cannot be explained by the bladder/temperature relationship alone. However, the age of the bladder may have something to do with it and I will be talking to my dealer about it.

    Just a couple of thoughts:
    I always calculate my mileage and I never use the display.

    I run my tires at 90% of tire pressure rating (40-41PSI). The "recommended" tire pressure is to give a softer ride, but I want better gas and tire mileage.

    Be aware that most new cars have "harder" rubber on them when you get the car from the dealer. They will get better mileage, but when you replace them (I prefer Michelin), you will get a drop of about 2-4 MPG!

    It IS disconcerting not to know your range. So, I don't usually let the gauge go below 2 bumps.

    With careful driving (NTE 60 MPH), new "dealer" tires and 90% inflation, a few Prius owners have gotten a consistent 48-50 mpg. My Prius has been a pretty consistent 42-44 with the Michelins.

    My longest trip between fill ups in my records was 447 miles. 8.7 gallons for 54.0 MPG. Previous fill up was 357/5.6/42.5 and the following fill up was 361/7.5/48.1

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    This post is just my

    This post is just my experience with my 2008 Prius. I travel at least 3 times a year from Charlotte, NC to Sarasota, Florida. The distance is 674 miles one way. I keep speedo at 65MPH and I average 51.1MPG southbound. Traveling northbound I average 47.8MPG, overall average is 49.4MPG. In every case I fuel up when the last bar beeps/blinks and I immediately gas up. Almost in every case the average fill up is 10 gallons. I feel my gas gauge is very accurate whether I'm in Charlotte, where the temperature does get cold in winter months and of course the weather in Sarasota is mostly warm and hot year round. So, in conclusion, I would say in most cases The Prius gas gauge is accurate but I wouldn't drive further than 450 miles before a fill-up is needed. BTW, the Prius does have a rubber fuel bladder and temperature is a factor in the amount of fuel stored inside....be careful.

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    I have a Toyota Prius and

    I have a Toyota Prius and have never had problems, I hope you've solved your problem.

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    My nneighbor is a refinery

    My nneighbor is a refinery enginer - he stated that gas mixture in winter, for cold areas, use butain as opposed to more expensive more stable and higher octain aditives to boost gas octain. Under pressure with a bladder tank the butain boosted cold weather gas acts differently in your prius tank than warm weather gas.

    Butain boosted cold weather gas is not nearly as efficiant as warm weather octain boosters which are more expensive.

    I just bought a 2007 prius - i am finding here in NW Ohio and Michigan in December the gas gague and tank capacity completly goofy. I have only filled the tank twice but first time the gas gague sais 3 bars and took only 6.1 gallons - next day after my 120 or so daily miles it read down two bars so i went to fill the tank and i had the worst time getting any gas to start from the pump. Finally, after trying many times it started and the tank accepted 3.4 gallons.

    2 bars is 3.4 and 3 bars left is 6.1?

    I will have to trust the on board computer for accurate gas milage but i am considering a gas can with several gallons for backup- especially on trips to of hundreds of miles where there is not a fuel despensing depo occuring frequently.

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    I've had my 2008 Prius since 2008. I moved from Florida to upstate NY and noticed that in winter I got worse fuel economy. Now my gas gauge has gone nuts. I filled up my tank and the gauge didn't go all the way up. then, after 147 miles, my gauge was down to 3 blips, so I went to the gas station. After two or so gallons, the car wouldn't take any more. then, when I started the car again, the gauge didn't move from 3 blips. It's been really cold lately, could that be it? I get much better fuel economy in the summer: 50 mpg vs. 42 mpg.

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