// 2008 Prius Fuel Tank Capacity???
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    2008 Prius Fuel Tank Capacity???

    Bought a new 2008 Prius in December. Noticed that the fuel tank was only holding about 6 gallons or so.

    I would let the fuel gauge get down to 2 bars remaining, and it would only take 4.5 to 5 gallon on fill up.

    Went back to dealer a couple times, they told me everything was fine.

    Submitted a complaint to Toyota National Customer Service.

    They phoned me back and said that it is "normal" for the Prius fuel tank (flexable rubber bladder) to only hold 6 gallons or so in the winter. And that the tank would not hold "rated" capacity of 11.9
    gallons until after temperatures are above 70 degrees.

    Just curious, how much fuel is your 2008 Prius holding, and what is the temp in your area?

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    I had the same problem. I

    I had the same problem. I rented a 2008 in for Thanksgiving 2007. Keep in the mind though, I live in SF and I was traveling to Central California, which is even warmer than SF. It wasn't 70 degrees, but it was by no means cold. It wasn't a big deal at the time and since I only rented the car for a few days, I didn't call to inquire why that happened.

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    My 2008 Prius holds about 10

    My 2008 Prius holds about 10 gallons with temperatures ranging 35-55 degrees daily. I wish the manual would have said the capacity varies - instead it says the tank holds 11.9 gallons. My wife ran out of gas because we thought that it could go another 100 miles based on the mileage x 11.9 gallons... Grr...

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    Just got a new Prius two

    Just got a new Prius two weeks ago. First time I went to the station after (very nearly) depleting the tank, it would only take 9 gallons. Last night, same thing: only took 8.8 gallons even though the warning light was starting to blink. That's 3 gallons off the advertised capacity in the owner's manual. Still gets a good 400+ miles per tank, so no complaints here, but that's a significant difference (25% to be exact). We'll see if the warmer weather affects things with the 'rubber fuel bladder' hypothesis.

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    I have been keeping track of

    I have been keeping track of this. I live in SF and my tank holds about 10.4-10.6 g's. By the way, I too overestimated my miles/tank and ran out of gas. Interestingly, my car drove the extra mile on its battery to get me to a station to fill it up. 460 miles/tank is about what I expect. The tank alarm (which I love) goes off at around 430 miles.

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    i also have a prius and

    i also have a prius and tracking the size of bladder tank will be a challenge. but there is another thing to consider: even for a conventional car with a fully rigid tank that holds 11.9 gal., you can never drive on the entire 11.9 gal.

    because if a tank holds 12 gal., that does not mean that the entire 12 gal. is 'USABLE'. due to the design of the tank and pumping stystem, there will always be a quantity of 'unusable' fuel sloshing around in the tank when the engine stops working. not something most people think about unless they fly airplanes, where running out of fuel is not just inconvenient, it's disasterous.

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    I dont have a prius but I

    I dont have a prius but I would believe that having the gas capacity in my car vary 25% would be a little concerning, especially when Im on a road trip. How far will a quarter tank get me? With regular tanks I can get a feel of what that is but when its constantly changing it turns into mathmatical delema.

    I wanted a prius but that is a big discouragement. Hopefully they have aftermarket ones that are metal.

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    I picked up my 2008 Prius

    I picked up my 2008 Prius today and after reading this thread last night I asked them about this. I was told that this sometimes occurs because, as has been mentioned above, the bladder is not as flexible when it is cold. HOWEVER, the bladder will stretch out after a few seconds and then you can fill it up the remainder of the way to 11.9 G.
    I haven't tested this (although it's supposed to snow here in Denver the next two days), but this is what I was told at the dealer.

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    Garry: The dealer lied. Get


    The dealer lied.

    Get used to having a small gas tank during the winter.


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    I just bought my new 08

    I just bought my new 08 Prius 4 days ago, I love it, and I appreciate all the great comments about the gas tank. I had no idea this was not a solid tank, but a bladder type tank. I will be aware of this for the winter, but really won't worry about it, as I hardly drive in the winter. I definately don't take long road trips like I do in the spring, summer, and fall, and tend to hibernate more in the house, go to the train station, commute into downtown for work and drive home, around town driving is minimal for shopping. I will hardly use the car in the winter.

    What I do want to know is whether or not the gas gauge accurately indicates the level of gas. I don't calculate the amount of gas based on my mileage, but go by what the gas gauge tells me. So if it says half full or 1/4 full does it really indicate the correct level?

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