// Best Air conditioning and fuel economy for hot climate??
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    Best Air conditioning and fuel economy for hot climate??

    Living in the heat of Arizona, more or less the air conditioning is on most of the year. Any body have a hybrid in these circumstances? I know some cars run only with Gas power AC, so milage would suffer. Can the cars with electric drive ac keep up with the cooling needed in these sometimes 115 degree heat?

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    I read where the 08

    I read where the 08 Tahoe/Yukon Hybrid will run the air conditioning with the engine turned off, but I wonder for how long. I mean will it keep the car cool for 8 hours? If not, will it automatically start the engine to recharge the batteries to charge the engine? I ask because I do RV camping, and air conditioning is the most power hungry of them all.

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    I have a 2009 Toyota Camry

    I have a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. THe AC runs when the engine is off, even when the AC is in Economy mode. I ran the AC while parked and the engine kicked on because the battery was drained after about 10 minutes.

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    As far as the technology had

    As far as the technology had developed about hybrid cars is not sufficient to be used in such hot climates.In this scenario you have no option but to live on the conventional one.

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    This is still a great issue

    This is still a great issue for discussion!!

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    A central air conditioner is

    A central air conditioner is more than just the largest appliance in a home it is part of a carefully designed system that also incorporates a thermostat and an array of ducts that deliver and circulate cooled air throughout the structure. In most cases, a central air conditioning system is a more energy efficient choice for regularly cooling a home than using room air conditioners in three or four different rooms.
    However, there is no getting around the fact that a central air conditioner can be fairly expensive to purchase and that it must be installed by a qualified heating and cooling contractor. If your home does not have central air-conditioning but does have a network of ducts for a forced-air furnace you likely can use the same ducts for cooling, as long as they are the proper size and free of leaks and obstructions. On the other hand, if your home is heated by a boiler or electric baseboard units, you will need to add a duct system, which can be both difficult and expensive especially in a multilevel home, where you might have to sacrifice closet space or build chases along walls or in corners to hold the ducts.
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