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    TCH System Hacks

    Has anyone out there hacked the TCH beyond just navigation alterations, specifically hacks related to improving gas mileage? It seems that Toyota was conservative with the use of EV mode on the TCH. Before I go dinking around with the onboard system, I wanted to see if anyone has made any headway in this department (so I'm not reinventing the wheel).

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    I've attempted a few

    I've attempted a few "bypasses" on the nav sys. but to no avail - nearly hack-proof. However, I learned that if you pull the 30A EFI fuse, the engine attempts to start 2x then goes completely EV. The bad news is that it's only good for about a mile. I sluggishly accelerated to 55 then backed down to 35 and at 1.2 miles it died completely. You'll need to reset the ECU via the OBDII port to clear the 3 codes it generates. Be sure to bring your scanner with you or a wrecker to pull it back home!! It seems the batteries are sized for relatively short "power bursts" and to go EV would require a lot more weight in the trunk!

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    I am very interested in this

    I am very interested in this as well- it seems if the batteries can power the car for up to 20 mph rather than 12, the car will have substantially better gas mileage. Please respond to this thread if anyone has insight!

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    I am the owner of a 07 Camry

    I am the owner of a 07 Camry Hybrid. By and large am quite satisfied with the car, however it seems to me the car could get much better milage is it were to run on the battery more of the time. For instance: when backing out of the garage the engine will start up even if I have not pushed on the gas pedal; when cruising at a speed of, 35mph, one has to very gentle with the accelerator or the engine will start up. I know that everything is controlled by the computer and have talked to Toyota about the possibility of there being a problem with the computer or if changes could be made. Their response is that if no red lights are coming on then everything is as should be and that no changes can be made. It really seems strange that parameters on the computer could not be tweaked. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    well I have an 08 camry and

    well I have an 08 camry and i really love it, but I seem to be asking myself that if the standard camry get 30 mpg, then why did I spend another 8k on a hybrid?!?!?!?!?

    there has to be something to do to get better gas milage on these damn things....

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