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    Go to cleanhybrid.com and

    Go to cleanhybrid.com and then to the FEH forum and there is a sticky thread at the top with all the info you need on all filters. The 1st post gives most of the info you want.

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    The most common cause of the

    The most common cause of the "wrench light" coming on is that the HIV battery air filter needs replacing. It's located under a plastic cover on the drivers side cargo compartment wall. Air is brought in through a vent that part of the back driver's side window and it is used to carry away the heat from the HIV battery.

    A common misconception is the air cools the battery. Actually, the air carries away the heat collected by the HIV battery's air conditioning system and a plugged filter will cause the HIV battery's air conditioning system to overheat, putting a strain on the air conditioning system and on the HIV battery.

    This filter may be the most important air filter in an Escape Hybrid, considering the potential cost of failure of the HIV air conditioner or the HIV battery. Don't fool around cleaning the filter. Get it replaced as often as needed, which will vary depending upon here you live and the season.

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    I had brought my 2010 Escape

    I had brought my 2010 Escape in for the wrench light being on 2 weeks ago, and it has now been into Ford 3 times now and I'm being told they don't know what the light means and had to put calls in to figure it out. I've been told its ok to drive until they figure out what the light means, but after 3 trips into Ford and the light still on, its becoming quite ridiculous.
    Has your light went away or still appearing?

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    I have been getting the

    I have been getting the intermittent wrench light, and fully believe it may have something to do with the vent actuator. I have changed the filter a few times, never really dirty. This light never started like this until after the car was serviced and the hybrid drive electric water pump was worked on by a mechanic. I told them it started happening shortly after they worked on it, but since it stores no codes and never comes on for them and shows nothing whiles its on that my full scanner can read, they could not determine anything for them to fix. So its my problem to guess at. I'm going to try changing this vent door actuator.

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    i have a 2008 ford focus and

    i have a 2008 ford focus and last night it came on does it every 6 months have 72000 miles on it and im deployed and wife doesnt have time to deal with car is it the throttle body? some one help me? ideas? comments?

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    I have the same problem with

    I have the same problem with the "wrench light" coming on with my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid (front wheel drive), 40,000 miles. It came on once and stayed on for 15 minutes. After I parked and restarted the car it has not come on again. I went to Ford service and they hooked it up to a computer and told me all codes were normal and they could not do anything unless I bring it in while the wrench light is still on. Anyone have suggestions?

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    We also had a wrench on our

    We also had a wrench on our dashboard and we finally drove it to the dealer with the wrench light on and they found that is was a sensor for the throttle control and they replace the sensor and it is fine now. It took away to figure out but the dealer realy needs to have the wrench lite on so they will get the right signal on the computer . Try that okay

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    My 2007 ford escape hybrid

    My 2007 ford escape hybrid has been indicating "stop safely now", I changed the electric motor pump but it has recurred. any ideas
    I have done about 53000 miles

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    I have seen the wrench light

    I have seen the wrench light a few times over the years in our 2006 Escape Hybrid. Every time was soon after refueling and taking the fuel cap off and replacing it has solved the problem each time. Maybe I've just been lucky but after 95,000 miles is has always worked.

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    hi I have had my 08 Mariner

    hi I have had my 08 Mariner Hybrid in to the Ford dealership, an they told me they had no idea why the wrench was on. had a diagnostics ran an no codes showed up. not to mention my rear end makes a clunking noise after backing up using the gas an making a sharp turn. It only makes the clunking noise after I make a sharp turn an only does it the one time any idea why? An what did you have to fixed that costed $700 that maybe what is wrong with mine.

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