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    My 2009 FEH has 55,000

    My 2009 FEH has 55,000 miles. At Christmas 2011 the wrench light came on but went off after I restarted. A month later it came on again and then went off. I called the Ford dealer and they said to bring it in when the wrench light stayed on. It did a month ago. The Ford dealer put the FEH on the computer but no codes showed up. The dealer said to bring it in if the wrench light blinks. It lights up occasionally but does not blink. I plan to drive across the country in June and I am worried that something will happen somewhere out in the country. Any thoughts?

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    My FEH 2WD has 35000 miles.

    My FEH 2WD has 35000 miles. A few weeks, ago my wrench light also came on and cleared, then came on again. I took it to AutoZone twice, once with light off and once with the light on and they were unable to find any codes. Went to O'reillys and used their scan tool and did not find any codes either. Finally went to Dealer and they found the code. It was the Hybrid Traction Battery Aux Mode Door actuator for the second time .This door helps control the cool airflow to the Traction Battery The first time this happened (2008) it was under warrenty. This the second time now, and this time it was not under warrenty (not considered a Hybrid specific problem). It cost about $300.00 this time. They also had to reprogram the Traction Battery Control Module. No A/C refrigerant had to be recovered to change this part. I expect this part to fail again and again. Does anyone know why I could not retrieve these codes using the regular scan tools available? Is there a tool out there that I can purchase for these hybrid specific codes? Thank you for any suggestions that you may have. Ed K.

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    The ScanGauge can be

    The ScanGauge can be programmed to read codes from the various modules on the FEH. Most inexpensive scan tools only look for OBD-II emissions DTCs from the PCM or the TCM. The blend door DTC B1239 is a non-OBD-II code from the Traction Battery (high voltage) Control module. A detailed discussion on retrieving non-OBD-II codes for the FEH can be found on http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21291

    It may seem intimidating at first but it's not really that hard and I can walk you through it if you have problems.


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    Well, there seems to be a

    Well, there seems to be a pattern here. My 2008 FEH has 67,000 miles and now the wrench light is on. It goes away after shutdown but comes back every few days. Since my dealer at first wanted $132 to check for the code, I too went to O'Reilly's to try to get the code. no luck, most places are not informed about the wrench icon and can only retrieve the check engine light codes.

    Just as I am about to pay the $132 and get it diagnosed, I drop by to see a friend who has a 2006 FEH with 70,000 miles and find out her wrench light had come on and she had taken it to the same dealer. They did not charge her $132 and the diagnosis was the hybrid battery vent door actuator (as others are reporting). Since she had the extended warranty, the fix was covered.

    Today I took my vehicle in and because I called and negotiated with the service manager, the diagnosis was done for free. :-) result: hybrid battery vent door actuator is failing occasionally. They said to fix immediately since batteries need to cool properly. I have extended warranty that will cover the work

    I discussed with my service person the similarity two cases and suggested that there was a pattern of failure. He said it was just a coincidence. I think not.

    Will this be a reoccurring issue?

    Thanks, Deborah

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    Yes, it'll be a recurring

    Yes, it'll be a recurring issue and it's a very common occurance that IF FORD WAS CONCERNED ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE they should fix for free. I have a 4wd 2008 FEH that first had this problem at 50k miles, not covered under warranty even though I have the Ford premium care extended warranty. I also have a 2wd 2008 FEH that now has the same problem at 93k miles, again not covered under warranty with a base care extended warranty. Check other hybrid and escape forums and you'll see that people are having the same problem within 30k miles of fixing it.

    This is a hybrid specific item but not covered under the hybrid warranty. This will be my last FORD hybrid due to their handling of this obvious flaw. This is my 5th hybrid car (4th and 5th, actually, considering I own two of them right now) and these are the only 2 cars I've had problems with... and only 2 were Fords - I call that a pretty bad record for Ford.

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    Wrench light unique symptoms

    I\\'ve read thru all the other posts on this subject and my symptoms are a little different.
    On my 2010 FEH, The light has come on 3 different times now over a 3 week period each with consistent problem.
    When the light comes on, the engine throttles down to around 1000rpm and no pressure on the accelerator will engage the engine/affect the throttle.

    Pressing on the accelerator does quickly consume up all of what left in the battery even if I\\'m going over 40 MPH until the point where I basically have no power left in battery and accelerator essentially does nothing and the motor continues to \\'idle\\'. Each time to resolve I had to turn off the car and restart and problem went away. No codes were pulled at Autozone and I\\'d love for this to be a simple problem like a relay. Going to continue driving and look for solution unless it starts happening every day.

    I've since had the check Engine light come on and was able to pull the code as a p2112 throttle body at lower angle than commanded.
    Any advise would be appreciated.
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