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    Geneva preview: VW Golf TDI hybrid

    This one is news to me... a diesel hybrid, 83.1mpg:

    Here's the kicker:

    Quote "The diesel-electric powertrain has been developed specifically with the US market in mind, and California in particular."

    Here's some discussion on another forum:

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    This would be awesome. I

    This would be awesome. I hope it actually comes true. Of course, with a hybrid-electric, you could get rid of the silly turbo and direct injection hardware that only adds to the cost of the diesel and reduces its reliability. The electric motor could provide the startup torque and offload the diesel when it performs its worst, while allowing the diesel to be optimized for efficiency under ideal load.
    I'd bet that a reasonable engineer could get over 100 mpg with a well designed diesel-electric hybrid and still have incredible acceleration performance.

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    Here's another article on

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    i have been waiting for

    i have been waiting for somebody to come up with a diesel-electric hybrid for years. all this chatter about the gas-electric!!! it was like the Emperor's New Clothes. but, VW needs to take it one further step, and why not right out of the box--and that is a PLUG IN diesel/electric. that way, if i am just going down the block, or around thecorner, on short trips, the internal combustion component never even comes on. fingers crossed.

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    High millage cars or the

    High millage cars or the abillity to make them that way has been around for many years. The GREEDY oil economy based economy countries just are now letting them be known and used more often. Most of what used to be the "big three" would buy the patent rights and moth ball the ideas to keep there cars on the market. Every day I make my deposit to the Saudi Emerates Prince when I gas up my car. I remember when gas was .24 cents a gallon. My 50th birthday is still 9 years away. Only after the polar ice caps are melting away are these greedy folks seeing there money wont matter soon. Now they are letting the flood gates open. It will still take 10 too 15 years for them to figure out what the new cars will run on. Electric, Deisel, Hydrogen, Gas, Cooking Oil, Corn, the list could go on and on...

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    Imagine, A

    Imagine, A HydraPnuematic-electric hyBRID?
    I know the answers, lack in capitol to prove it
    Email me your thoughts
    Patrick. P.S. I've already had a crude version running
    with witnesses. I figured one of the big three
    would be interested in using one of there new models
    WELLL, got a letter back from -ORD don't even try to change any patterns or patents on them without express written consent for just the demonstration
    we could convert thousands of gas operating vehicles
    into one of these- HYDRAPNEUMATIC_ELECTRIC HYBRID, JUST IMAGINE !!! How long would earth really last then?

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    Any vehicle or motor driven

    Any vehicle or motor driven machine could be adapted to hydrapnuematic power systems all the way down to your lawn equipment.The technology for this power system has been available in the U.S. back to the 1930's.Oil companys know this and have made every effort to block its advancement

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