// Is the Altima Hybrid more powerful that the 4-cyl Altima?
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    Is the Altima Hybrid more powerful that the 4-cyl Altima?

    Feb 20, 2008 7:00 pm

    As a potential Altima owner (and previous Civic Hybrid owner), I wonder if any of you have compared the performance of the Altima hybrid to the Altima 4 cyl and the Altima 6 cyl. I found that my wife would not ride in the Civic because she disliked the seats. She likes the Altima seats better, and I am impressed with the Altima 4cyl ride and performance. Although not 0-60 in 7 secs, as with the 6 cyl, it appears to be a lot better than the 12 sec 0-60 performance of the Civic Hybrid. Since the engine has 162 ft-lbs of torque at only 2800 rpm and the electric motor claims 199 ft-lbs of torque, does this translate into rapid acceleration and performance? Although they are selling 1000 per month, I find it difficult to get my hands on one in Pennsylvania (closest approved states are NY and NJ).

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    I purchased an Altima Hybrid

    I purchased an Altima Hybrid a couple of weeks ago. I extensively test drove both the Hybrid and the regular 4-cyl gas model. I felt the Hybrid was a noticably faster car. Performance was actually one of the reasons I went with the Hybrid over the gas only model. I think the extra juice provided by the EV system gives the Hybrid a significant edge. It's simple horsepower. According to a couple of reviews I read the Hybrid does 0-60 in 7.2 seconds (Car and Driver I think), but I wouldn't believe for a minute that it's anywhere as fast as the 6 cyl.

    My other car is a Volvo S40 1.9Turbo. I find my Volvo has better performance than the 4 cyl gas Altima, but not as good as the Hybrid Altima. So having my other car in the "middle" of these two helped me contrast the two Altimas.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you, Fitz99. I really

    Thank you, Fitz99. I really appreciate your comparisons, especially since my daughter has the S40 turbo like yours--and I can never keep up with her in the Honda! I'll check the Car and Driver site. As I noted, the hybrid engine has 162 ft-lbs of torque plus 199 ft-lbs of electric motor torque, although the Nissan web site says 198 ft-lbs "total". A power curve is not available. The Altima Hybrid is unique in several ways, including traction control (not available on the 4-cylinder) and no other car uses this engine/motor combination. The Altima is rated by Edmunds as the lowest "true cost to own" in ALL sedans "under $30,000."

    I formulated a spreadsheet which calculates how many miles you have to drive to justify the extra cost of the hybrid, and the Altima comparison yields about 65,000 miles (adding in the $2350 tax criedit). More power sweetens the deal. This is much better than the Camry, which is over 100,000 miles. The Mazda Tribute Hybrid requires only 48,000 miles, mainly because of the $3000 tax rebate.

    I'm quite interested, but in Pennsylvania, I can't buy one. Any for sale?

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    For a 4cyl family sedan,

    For a 4cyl family sedan, this car far exceeded my expectations for performance. I looked at it because it was a hybrid, I purchased it after the test drive. You will be pleasantly surprised. Plus, the electric torque is smoother and faster than you may be used to, it's a fun car to drive.

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    How close to the New York or

    How close to the New York or New Jersey boarder to you live? I live about 45 minutes from a dealer in New York. Of course a Nissan Dealer in PA can get you one if they trade with a dealer in New York or Jersey. I know people who have done that too.

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