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    MY 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

    MY 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid has also been losing power steering on several occasions when turning and changing lanes on highway. Took to dealer he could not duplicate of course and was unable to offer any help with the matter as Ford is giving them no support of repair on the problem. What can one do to protect yourself??? Perhaps if enough of us have problems we can get their attention somehow.???

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    DOUBLE WHAMMY!! I have an 08

    DOUBLE WHAMMY!! I have an 08 Ford Escape, not Hybrid.62,200 miles on the engine. December 9th I was on the freeway that had slowing of traffic. When I tried to accelerate I had no power at the accelerator and it completely broke down. That morning, for the first time ever I noticed a small pooling of fluid. Thought it was antifreeze and intended to have it repaired when I returned home 120 miles away. I never made it home. Turns out it was transmission coolant and my transmission went out completely on the freeway. This happened over a weekend and I googloed 'common problems with the 08 Escape'. It brought up literally thousands of complaints over the coolant leak problem and resulting need to replace the transmission. I got it back LAST WEEK with a 'used' transmission w/ 20k on it.

    Yesterday, Jan 9th, I parked my car, running, while waiting for a friend at a rental car return. When I put my car in gear to leave, I had ZERO power in my steering. It was driveable but requires every muscle in my arms to drive it. May as well have been a tank! I borrowed another car to get my friend to the airport and when I returned to get my car back, the power steering was working again. Regardless, I took it to the dealer. According to the computer, there is a problem in the wiring harness (this vehicle does not use power steering fluid, it's electrical) and the dealer tells me they have to go through the entire system to identify where the electrical problem is. If it cannot be located, they will have to replace the steering column. I havent gotten any results yet from the dealer. Again, googled this problem and again, there are a multitude of complaints

    After the transmission, i started wondering "how much can I depend on my Escape now?" Well, I have my answer. NOT AT ALL! Fortunately, I have a bumper to bumper extended warranty that covers the repair costs, but $100 deductible on each occurance. Not to mention the hassle involved with getting a rental, drop off and pick up of my own car and inconveniencing someone to carry me around to these places. I am self employed and do not have time to continue dealing with the sudden and apparent albatross that I own. I have been a Ford owner since I started driving, 30 years ago. I am done with Ford since neither probloem has been addressed by them and no recall has been issued over either problem.

    BUYER BEWARE! Do your research before settling on a Ford Escape, especially 2008-2011.

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    I had a pretty scarey

    I had a pretty scarey experience this evening when my 2009 Escape HYBRID STEERING LOCKED UP ON A CURVE....LUCKILY unlocked shortly after braking and releasing brake... happened a few weeks back on a straight highway but i THOUGHT I had imagined it since it was a short duration ....but after tonight I do not even want to drive the car and started an internet search to see if any recalls or problems... will take it in to my dealer on Monday... have less then 45,000 miles on car... appreciate input of those sharing similar experience & outcomes.

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    I have a 2008 Ford Escape

    I have a 2008 Ford Escape not a hybird and was driving this weekend on a trip and the power steering just went out. The car was still drivable but it went out in the middle of me driving on the freeway. The only way to get the power steering back to normal was to turn the truck off and turn it back on again. This is not safe and after reading the comments Im not sure what im going to do about it. This is very bad news very bad news to hear about Ford.

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    My daughter has an 09

    My daughter has an 09 Mercury Mariner. The steering is locked in it all the time now. It is like driving a farm truck. We have bought and replace some parts but it has not helped. We hear the same report no one has seen or heard of this happing before (usual answer) in any of the Ford electric powersteering systems. From what I have read in several blogs, it is common and there is no long term fix.

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    I test drove a 2010 FEH

    I test drove a 2010 FEH yesterday and the steering was like manual for the entire 40 minutes that I drove it whether hwy speeds or parking lot. No dash light or anything. The EV was lowish when first leaving the lot and I thought steering might improve as SoC did but that was not so. I brought it back to the lot and shut it off before going in to complain about that "feature" and the dealer was surprised, took it for a drive and told me that it had been easy to turn with one hand. I drove it and it was very easy to turn. I guess that the systems were "rebooted" when turned off and then back on, but is this a sign something big was going to need costly repairs soon?

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    I have a 2008 Escape (not

    I have a 2008 Escape (not Hybrid) and have had several bouts of power steering failure. 3 times were on a toll road in Orlando while passing under the electronic sensor that records toll usage (E PASS). Other times the warm afternoons seem to effect it. Very frustrating.
    The anti-skid idiot light comes on every time it goes out. None of the mechanics I have spoken to have been able to tell me anything about it. After reading this blog I doubt Ford has a clue as to fix for this problem.

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    I have 2008 MAZDA Tribute

    I have 2008 MAZDA Tribute Hybrid, more or less clone of Ford Escape Hybrid, the same POWER steering issue happening for me too.
    It LOOSES Power in the steering in the middle of freeway driving/street driving, when i pull over, start it then the power come back up. The dealer is saying have to replace the whole steering column, guess what i have crossed the 3 years/36000 miles warranty , so i have to take the 3000$ charge. Isn't there any recall for this? i am really not feeling safe to drive this CAR with kids in it. Any idea why this would happen? and does it cost 3K for the steering module? will it fix this issue? too many questions i have now.

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    I have a 2009 Mercury

    I have a 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid with 45K on it. Just experienced this for the first time last evening - was going about 30 mph around a curved road and the steering just locked. I hit the brakes to keep from going into the trees and the wheel became free again. Took to dealership today and they said they need to fix an electrical problem in the steering column and that some Escapes/Mariners have this, but not all. I can't believe it is a known issue and hasn't been recalled. I almost had a heart attack, this is very dangerous!

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    Representative power

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