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    My 2009 4wd Escape Hybrid

    My 2009 4wd Escape Hybrid has lost its power steering twice on curvy mountain roads. Taking in for service tomorrow. Ford claims not to have heard of any problems like this before.

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    I had the same problem with

    I had the same problem with the steering losing its power. I have a 2008 ford escape and accumulated about 67K miles.
    i took the car to the dealersip and was told that i need to have the electronic electronic streering wheel pump replaced.
    it's odd hat there were no warning signs/alerts, the steering wheel just suddenly felt loose.
    the dealership is charging me about $1700-1800 (parts and labor), to fix the car. Ford claimed that I racked up too much mileage which could have been the reason why the steering wheel started losing its power. Sounds odd to me; I have driven a couple of cars which have more than the mileage I have with this new car and never encountered this problem with the steering wheel. Coud this be a defect?

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    I had the same happen to me

    I had the same happen to me on a 2009 Ford Escape FWD hybrid.
    I noticed some loose relays/fuses so I pushed them in. I suspect
    that will be the first thing I look at now if the problem occurs again.
    No indicator light during occurrence and hasn't repeated so far
    (about 4 weeks so far).

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    I first experienced power

    I first experienced power steering loss after owning my '05 FEH a couple of years. As it was ok when I went in, Ford convinced me a fluke and it didn't happen again for a long time. For me, the "service power steering" message usually comes on but nothing shows when they do diagnostic. I finally drove in while it was happening and wouldn't let them turn off car until they checked but still nothing showed up. However, service mgr says for me to play to replace the steering wiring harness and a sensor . Also says he's never seen the problem before. Two other service mgrs say that's not the solution (though they don't know what is). As this problem doesn't happen all the time (but is increasing in frequency) and the work is just a guess and only warranted for 12 months, it's hard to know what to do.
    There is no power steering fluid so one of the solutions above isn't helpful. As Ford told me as well, it's safe to drive but as others indicate, it can get pretty scary. My steering wheel gives a very hard pull to left usually, when it goes out. Lately, does that then doesn't go out for awhile. You find yourself tightly holding the wheel in anticipation. I had a bad should some months back and had to make a U turn - oh, my God!
    The irony is that I have loved the car, except for this this which is now making me afraid to drive it. I was just learned the car is built on Mazda GF platform. I dont' know much about that but do know that Mazda is involved in a recall of '07-'09 Mazdas for power steering problem. I haven't been able to find out if the steering in the FEH has any similarities to the Mazdas being recalled.

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    Wow. I just experienced the

    Wow. I just experienced the same problem on my 2008 escape hybrid. I'm bringing it in on Friday.

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    It has happened to me many

    It has happened to me many times with my 08 escape hybrid. Why aren't they recalling?

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    I have the same problem w/

    I have the same problem w/ my 2006 mercury Mariner. The power steering goes out at low RPM's while idiling. This can happen while pulling into a parking space or while coasting at a faster speed. I notice it happens more (70%) while making left turn compared to right. The first dozen times no light would appear and Ford was baffled. So they just changed the rack. Now it's sits for a month as I beleive mechcnics don't get paid for guess work ..no code = no repair. They called regional rep he said try replacing control moduale. I can get code to apear about 1 in 20 tries. By idling and having constant pressure on steering wheel.. found this out by pulling out of my drive way and stopping to make turn onto street and holding wheel in one position. will update.

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    I was driving along on the

    I was driving along on the freeway in my 2009 FEH and it felt like the power steering would disappear for about 5 seconds. After the third time it happened I took it to the dealer. The service guys said that they hadn't seen thins before but that they had just gotten a communication from Ford about it. In April of 2009 Ford replaced, what I thought they said was, the steering column connector and a module.

    All was well until Dec. 19, 2010 when it did it again. I didn't wait until the third time but took it straight to another dealership (I had moved). Their service guy told me that if they couldn't duplicate the problem (I guess that is what they are supposed to say) they couldn't fix it. I made them look at the repair history and they contacted Ford and then did some more tests.

    The upshot is that I am now waiting for a wire harness for somewhere in the steering that has been back-ordered until mid-February! To say I am unhappy about this is a gross understatement.

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    After replaciing the rack

    After replaciing the rack and a month later the control modular. We found it to be a loose ground.

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    I have 2006 FEH and have

    I have 2006 FEH and have 57,000 miles on it. I just lost the power steering this morning in a parking lot and was towed to the Ford Dealer. They claimed that they never heard of problems like this and had to check the module to determine the cause. Mechanic said he needed a special scanner to read the module. He claimed that the Ford hotline had nothing on it. Having read numerous other FEH owners complaints online I think Ford has lot's of problems with power steering loss. The Edmund blog indicated that sreering column replacement was used at several Ford dealers.
    Joe R

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