// The future of low-fuel consumption cars is...
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    The future of low-fuel consumption cars is...

    According to what the current trends with auto manufacturers show, here is the order of introduction to the market of each technology (sorry, I don't have a crystal ball, so only the order, no dates):

    Gasoline + electric hybrids (already in the market, phasing out IMHO)

    Diesel + electric hybrids (may never see market, cost considerations).

    Fuel-efficient, low-emmission Diesels (already in the market, strong in Europe (MB, BMW), here to stay a while - imagine 5-6 litres of gasoil per 100 KM in a 204 HP car - it's here!)

    Plug-in electric (already here, but not to the ordinary man - the problem of charge life under load still very critical, autonomy menaced by long recharge times, and the non-existence of a re-charging network. High recharge times the major nuisance).

    Fuel cell - electric (next big thing. However, not good until a big enough recharging network exists. The old problem of the egg and the chicken...).

    Alternative fuels (already here, the bio-fuels are already a plague and a disgrace, increasing the cost of cereals, creating more famine on many areas due to higher cost of food, an incredible mis-useage of the soil - imagine planting to burn, not to feed!!! - I certainly hope this goes away quick, murderous to the Earth as it is - damn those idiot "ecologist"activists and their ignorance, preaching for "green fuel" and wanting it to come at the sake of human survival!)

    The gasoline engine will disappear sooner or later, except for the use in Hybrids (hybrids still valid wherever there is an old network of gas staions, but not for electric or fuel cells).

    This is my view.

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    Left out the most important one, the EV.

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    Biofuel can be one of the

    Biofuel can be one of the solution.
    Imagine hybrid cars which run on biofuel or hydrogen.

    Brazil has done intensified the usage of biofuel without making their people starving.

    I believe that biofuel makes food price increased is just an issue grown by oil tycoon and food sellers/distributors (not the farmers)

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    The future car fuel is called Ohmasa Gas, discovered and patented by Dr. Ryushin Omasa, from Tokyo, Japan. It is produced by a low-vibration water electrolysis. Unlike the classic HHO gas, Ohmasa Gas can be compressed, filled and stored in CNG bottles, liquefied at 1 bar/-178 deg.C and burned as a single fuel in gasoline engines and boiler burners. This gas will soon replace all other fuels on the planet.

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