Hello everyone. I need your help. I own a new Altima Hybrid and have found that the fuel warning light is activated when I have travelled approximately 450 to 500 miles. I am averaging approx. 32 m iles per gallon and with a tank capacity of approximately 20 gallons, my range should be approximately 640+ miles. To date I have not been able to put more than 19 gallons in then tank because my entire dashboard warning lights light up if i exceed 550 miles of driving on one tank of gas. Questions:
1. Does anyone else experience the warning lights for low fuel with at least 100 miles before empty (assuming you could use all 20 gallons of the tank)?
2. What is the stated fuel reserve for the Altima Hyb. before the warning light is activated?
3. Has anyone addressed this issue with a Nissan dealer?

I have had my car serviced by a Nissan dealer and they had no idea how to address my questions.

Thank in advance for any information.