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    Two-mode Vue

    Ok, so when do we get the specifics on this vehicle? What is the mpg? How much? When is it available?

    We just had our second child and are looking for a new (slightly larger) vehicle. Right now the only thing we really like is the Highlander Hybrid, and at $38k-ish we are a little skittish about pulling the trigger. The FEH is a little truck like for our tastes. The Vue may be a little smaller than what we want, but if it gets above 35 mpg then we will be very very interested (assuming I don't get forced into buying a minivan between now and then).

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    this vehicle is a little

    this vehicle is a little over-priced in my opinion
    actually, quite overpriced.

    it doesn't really justify purchasing a hybrid if you are going to invest all the gas savings in the car price itself.

    just my opinion

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