// Choosing the Right Gas...Help!
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    Choosing the Right Gas...Help!

    Someone told me not to buy regular gas for my '06 HCH, ie., regular gasoline with up to 10% ethanol. I always buy this Regular Gas... but because I am getting such low gas mileage [average 30 mpg], I am beginning to wonder. Anyone up on this?

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    I would avoid any alcohol blends. We tanked up once with a blend, years ago, and I swore never again. The (carbuerated) car stumbled badly taking off, all the time. Could be things are different, but once bitten...

    I don't think going to higher octane will improve your mileage. Higher octane gas's main function is to prevent pre-ignition, which is much more of a factor with high compression engines. None of the regular Honda's currently fall into this category.

    Basically, higher octane gas is harder to light. I guess it's perceived as giving better "performance" because cars needing it, cars with high compression engines, tend to be performance models, pushing the limits.

    As to your mileage, dunno. Do you do lots of short trips? Do you have the realtime mileage gauge showing? That helps me improve the mileage. There might be some mechanical issue too.

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    I filled up with premium

    I filled up with premium just this one time and my mileage dropped to 29 - 30 from around 33, why would that happen? I know its getting colder but I just had the thing tuned up. It also has 100,000 miles on it.

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    40 - 42 mpg highway on

    40 - 42 mpg highway on regular fuel. However, you have to be on the road long enough to get warmed up and have the hybrid system, cylinder deactivation, and auto-shut-off activate. In the winter, in Boston, it sometimes takes 3 to 5 miles for the engine to warm up. Until then, it's just an accord with a V-6, which means 15 - 18 mpg in the city, 30 or so highway. What stinks is if I go a week of just doing short trips around town. 3 miles to the store, car cools back down, 3 miles home, lots of stop and go, and the mileage will be appropriately low. However, if I drive 20 - 30 miles, it's warm for most of the way, so the trip milage will have a chance to get back up to 35 - 36 or so. In the summer, it's usually warmed up enough by the end of my block to activate.

    And it will still smoke the regular V-6's out there if I want to!!!

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    You will get better mileage

    You will get better mileage if you use 91 RON, non ethanol fuel. The reason is the HCH engine has higher compression which will get more energy out of a gal of gas. With more power you can keep the car in eco mode or 3 cylinder operation. My mileage improved 7%. My 07 has low miles and is not broke in. I'm getting 35 with some in town and mostly city interstate driving. I find non ethanol 91 RON works the same way on my 99 Accord and our 08 Odyssey.

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