// Transmission failure!
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    Transmission failure!

    I have a 2005 HAH with 127K miles. I brought it to the dealer because the Speed Sensor failed and transmission made noises while in 3rd gear.

    The speed sensor caused the dash to lighjt up - disabled power steering, traction control, speedo, odometer, and caused the tranny to not shit past 3rd gear.

    Repairs are going to be about $4000 for the speed sensor and replace the tranny with a Honda refurb.

    Although I am 27k past my warranty I complained to Honda America about what I felt was a premature transmission failure, they decide they would not provide any assistance in repairs (I was hoping for some help with the $4000 bill.)

    After many calls they told me that they would not provide any assistance in the repair and stated that at 127,000 miles I got a good life out of the tranny.

    This last statement really surprised me as I thought Honda was proud of the longevity of their vehicles! The manager (Dawn) at Honda America basically told me that I shouldn't have expected any longer life.

    I also have a '89 Accord with 310K miles and a friend with a '92 Accord with 450K miles. I suppose the days of Honda reliability are gone :-(

    Given I drive 100 miles a day (mostly highway) I think I need to consider my next auto purchase as a disposable car - something very inexpensive. I had hoped that I could get more than 4.5 years of reliable use out of a $33K Accord.

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    Some , must be installed on

    Some , must be installed on this heavy ride. This Flex is a much-awaited vehicle to be a promising family vehicle.

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    I have 82K miles on my

    I have 82K miles on my Accord Hybrid and am having the same tranny problem but without the warning lights. My car is still under warranty and I have brought it in to the dealer three times. The mechanics say that they feel the shudder and loss of power in when shifting from first to second gear too, but can't fix it without a "computer code" and the company that provides the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty won't authorize them to replace the tranny. Sure... they can attempt to fix it by changing belts and replacing motor mounts (not once but twice) but they won't shell out the cost of replacing the tranny?! Getting ready to bring it in again and pitching a huge fit. Anyone else have these problems?

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