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    Hybrid Vehicle Career

    Hybrid Vehicle Career


    I am a final year Automotive Engineering student and my project involves researching on Gasoline Electric Hybrid Powertrains.

    I would be graduating in July 07 and was wondering if there could be a career prospect in this field?...as an entry level graduate

    would be grateful if someone could shed some light on this...

    Thanks !

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    You have two very different paths to choose.
    1) Look for a job with a big name company. This is hit or miss, depending on whether the car economy is going up or down. It is also the easy path since everyone knows who the players are. The disadvantage is that you will do very little actual engineering...very, very little.
    2) Seek out the small companies that are growing. These will have names you will have never heard. They also will never come to you. You have to find them. Also, they may not deal in finished vehicles but in test machinery (e.g. dynometers, electric motors) or car components. The advantage here is that if you find the right company, you will end up doing lots of engineering.

    My advice (and this is good advice), look hard for a company that has real engineering work and do not let (within reason) salary, location, name, etc. lure you into a non-engineering job. (Hint-"Sales Engineers" do not do engineering.)

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    the most neglected areas of

    the most neglected areas of online recruitment process is the ad copy. A hastily put together copy can hardly get you the desired results. Rather, they would adversely affect the chances of attracting the right type of candidates. engineering job board

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    you will need to ensure that

    you will need to ensure that your job advertisement is accurate, attractive and well-targeted. The main place where sales candidates look is online, and this is where you should focus your sales recruitment process.Automotive jobs

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