// Why are carmakers avoiding the small SUV market for hybrids?
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    Why are carmakers avoiding the small SUV market for hybrids?

    So, this is something I just don't get. I figured I'd ask some folks here, who might know...

    Looking at the list of hybrid vehicles, I am stunned by the apparent lack of forethought in which market segments to address. You see plenty of sedans of various sizes, and now a wave of mid- to large SUV's. But the one market segment which is fastest growing, and which would seem to make the most sense for hybrid tech (lighter weight, more likely bought by urban crowds, smaller footprint image), is the compact or small SUV market. And yet, in that segment, you have only one true hybrid - the Ford Escape / Mercury Mountaineer. Saturn has its VUE Green Line, but I think its a stretch to call that a hybrid.

    Am I missing something? Why aren't we seeing Toyota go with the RAV4 route? Or Honda the CRV route? Or GM going with something other than the half-hearted attempt in the VUE? It just seems like this is really poor marketing judgement.

    I am sure others have noticed this. Anyone want to comment on reasons why?

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    Have you ever thought about

    Have you ever thought about how hard it is to implement a new vehicle design into the existing factory base???

    It's not like legos, first a few years of R&D, like on the Prius, it took 1,000 engineers that trashed 80 designs to get to the right powertrain. Then a design studio and then a billion dollar factory to produce the brain that controls the electronics.

    Then they had to take a chance and produce a new line in a factory. Why do all this when the small SUV lines are making all the money for every automaker.

    Unfortunately for you, the world's biggest business is in business to survive and make money. Compact cars are the least profitable so that's where THE HYBRID PHENOMENON started.

    Read more about the world's biggest business struggling to face its digital destiny at my blog here:

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    I can put this another

    I can put this another way...

    If you were going on a diet to lose half your weight (the goal of the G21 project that became the Prius was to double the mileage) would you cut out the hamburgers or just the cokes???

    GM is going for the hamburgers, ie hybrid Buses in 2003, hybrid trucks in 2004 and SUVs today.

    Read more at my blog...

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    Sales,,,.sales ....more

    Sales,,,.sales ....more sales
    The more you buy and trade to up grade the car and refinance .The more they make money. They don't ask what people want they go by what kinda purchase you make ...it could be a mistake .they don't known they just look at a demographics. That buy cars and how much you where willing to pay

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    Maybe the main reason behind

    Maybe the main reason behind this is economics. Before a new product line is being developed , a researche is always done aside from technical aspect, on the viability of the product so as to get the best profit within a specified target date.

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    In regards to smaller SUV

    In regards to smaller SUV hybrids....I live on Long Island, NY and saw a Saturn Vue on the highway yesterday. It had the Hybrid 2-mode badging on the front fenders. The plates were Michigan manufacturers plates. Anyone have any idea when this vehicle might be coming out? The vehicle was red with dual exhaust. I couldnt make anything else out but the badges on the front fenders definitely said Hybrid 2-mode. Tried to take a picture of it but I was driving alone in moving traffic. I find it strange that they would be doing testing out here.

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    How much r hybrids?

    How much r hybrids?

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    I agree...production,

    I agree...production, implementation, costs all of these will eat into current profits

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    We are quickly getting to

    We are quickly getting to the point where profit will have to be abandoned if we want to keep the quality of life we have in this country. I hate to advocate socialism, but at this point and time it makes more sense than slipping into a 3rd world status.

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    elvenrunelord, ... and you

    ... and you think socialism will help keep the quality of life we have in this country? Why?

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