// Questions about buying a used Insight...
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    Questions about buying a used Insight...

    Greetings, New to this site. Planning on purchasing a used 2004 Insight within 2 weeks. (There is also a 2000 in the running) Need help in what to look for, any "known problems", how about the CVT trans? any week points? I love Honda's and respect their engineering and reliability, just trying to cover all the bases.
    Thanks in advance for any help. -Captain.

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    Used Insight.

    This is alittle late but for what its worth, Ive had very few problems with the cvt. At 50,ooo it got alittle grabby comming off of a dead stop, like it wanted to stick. Dealer said they had good luck doing the machine power flush when changing the fluid. I thought they were just trying to sell me the higher priced service but it really worked. I now have 148000mi and had no troubles whatsoever. Been a great car. Would not want to part with it. No problems with battery pack either. Have had little emergency starter battery go dead 3 time though , dont know what that is all about

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