// Storing Hybrids?
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    Storing Hybrids?

    I'm wondering whether anyone has information on storing a hybrid car for a few months at a time. I'm considering a hybrid Camry, but am lucky to spend a few months of the year in a spot where my main mode of transportation is my bicycle
    Will the car start/battery life be compromised?

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    Months of storage

    Good that you asked. If you are going to store it for months, then it is worth the effort of disconnecting the 12V battery. Now understand that this resets the fuel mileage, radio settings, etc. and is not an easy thing. The other option is to put the car in a minimum drain state of:
    1) Turning everything off, including headlights, dome lights, radio, etc.
    2) Deactivate the Smart Key System. Read the owner manual for this (For a Prius it is a button under the steering wheel.)
    3) Lock the car and ensure you get the expected beep.
    4) If possible, once a month start the car up and let it sit/charge for 20 min. (in park, not neutral)

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    You shouldn't have to disconnect the 12v battery if you put a battery charger/maintainer on it. These can either be a plug-in version or a solar powered one (if you leave the car outside). They can probably be plugged into the 12v cigarette lighter port.

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    The NiMH battery will be

    The NiMH battery will be flat after 3-4 weeks, won't it? Will that cause any damage? Can it then be recharged just by driving?

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