Anyone know if it is possible to add a remote start capability for the 2007 NAH. The dealer that I got it from doesn't recommend installing one and wouldn't provide any information on whether one is available. Two or three of the third party installers have said that it can't be done as there is no bypass module for the 2007 NAH. One 3rd party fellow said it could be done but in retrospect I think he was shooting from the hip (lip).

However I understand that there is a factory option for a remote starter for the TCH. Since the NAH uses the same hybrid synergy drive, I would think that it might be possible to do one for the NAH.

One scarey part in discussing a possible installation with the 3rd party guys is that they say they would hook up the wire to the starter motor (like they normally do for a non-hybrid installation). I don't know for sure but that doesn't sound right to me. I would think that, once the appropriate bypass module is located, all that they would need to do is turn on the hybrid system and let it take over control over whether the ICE starts or not.

Any leads or info that you might have on remote starters would be appreciated.