// Where to get 0W-20?
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    Where to get 0W-20?

    Hey, first post, everyone.

    My 2007 HCH has about 5500 miles and the oil life indicator says 30%. I have always changed my own oil, and I'd like to do so now.

    I have not been able to find the recommended 0W-20, though. Does anyone in this community know where in Chester County, Pennsylvania, I might find a supply?


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    Your Honda dealer, for one, likely the smartest route, for documenting your oil changes etc. Locally our dealer is asking around $8.50CAN per liter.

    I've noticed a few places locally that have Mobil's and "those other guys with the yellow bottle" (sorry, it's Friday night) that have synthetic 0W20, for around $9~10CAN per quart (946ml) bottle.

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    Amsoil makes it in that weight. That is what I'll be putting in once the engine is broken in. We only have 1,000 miles on it right now.

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    Thanks for the information.

    The local Walmart does carry Mobil 1 0W-20. I must have missed them last time in.

    After consulting the owner's manual, I think I will probably opt for having the dealer do the job.

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    That's what I elected to do, even though I've changed the oil myself on a number of our Hondas over the years. One thing, with the maintenance minder in-dash, oil change only comes round about every 6 months for us, with km's of 15-20 thousand per year. And, It looks like it would be more hassle than reg civic with the plastic undershield, especially with the car just up on jack stands.

    I found our dealer's prices for oil was discounted a bit from their retail, if they installed. We've had 2 oil-change-only services, the first was around $47 (CAN), the next around $68. Quite an increase, now that I notice. Anyway, with the oil at $8-10 CAN per liter, and with the car under warranty, taking it into the dealers probably the smart route, at least for duration of the powertrain warranty. They're up to date on service bulletins too, which might save your bacon.

    It can also be a pita: like when they thoughtfully adjust your tire pressures downwards.

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    actually you can get it from Ebay or amazon

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