To All:

Seems calls to Saturn have prompted the following letter that all Saturn Vue Hybrid Owners will be receiving. I received my letter yesterday.

Dear Saturn Customer:

We have learner that on your 2007 Saturn VUE Green Line vehicle, when high resistance is detected in one of the hybrid electronic circuits, recharging of the 12-volt battery stops. This is a design feature that prevents damage to the hybrid system. If the high resistance is detected, the battery warning light comes on, the charge assist gauge will not move from its vertical position, and hybrid operation (such as engine shutdown when the vehicle is stopped) is disabled. A check engine light may also be on. When the 12-volt battery is not being charged, the vehicle can only be driven for approximately 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the electrical accessories being used, before the engine will stop running and potentially not restart. If the vehicle is turned off and then restarted when the condition is first observed, the system may reset and the battery warning light will go off. The vehicle will operate as intended; however, the condition may occur again the next time the ignition is turned on.

Your satisfaction with your Saturn Vue is very important to us, so we are announcing a program to prevent this condition or, if it has occurred, to fix it.

What We Will Do: To prevent this condition from occurring, your Saturn retailer will add a wire harness and reprogram the engine control module and the transmission control module. This service will be performed for you at no charge.


We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern that this situation may cause you. We want you to know that we will do our best, throughtout your ownership experience, to ensure that your Saturn VUE provides you with many miles of enjoyable driving.

Scott Lawson
General Director,
Customer and Relationship Services

Seems to me that Saturn was very responsive listening to everyone's concerns expressed in several Threads. In addition, they are taking responsibilty and are addressing the issue. It would explain issues of the Hybrid acting strangely but restarting the Hybrid fixed the problem.

Now the big question - if your vehicle has been running normally and getting great performance and gas mileage - do you take the vehicle in for the update and potentially risk it because the ECM (engine control module) and the TCM (transmission control module) will be reprogram?

For some the answewr is YES. Safety is more important than performance and MPG.

For some the answer is MAYBE/NO. If it ain't broken don't fix it train of thought and when it acts up then get it fixed.

Which ever way you go - just know that this maybe Saturn first go at the Hybrid system and things may not be perfect - but they are trying to be responsive to the needs of their customers.

- by Saturn Hybrid Vue