Most rechargable batteries wear out slowly and become less and less effective over time. I'm sure you have cell phone batteries....

My question is .. what is the "point" where toyota will replace (or if after the 100,000 mile warranty) I should replace my battery pack.

What type of performce loss or "flag" will let me know it's time.

I understand at this time the replacement cost is between $2000 and $3000 (US dollar).

Is it a test bench measurement like the "cold cranking amp rating" similar to lead acid starter batteries??

Is there a circuit in the comp module that "pops up" and says... "replace battery pack"??

I'm sure Toyota isn't looking forward to replacing a bunch of those in 6 or 7 years. I wonder if resale/tradein costs will be directly affected on if the pack has or has not been replaced..

I still await delivery of my 08 Camry (perhaps I should read the manual first when it arrives) But, you guys seem to have your finger on the pluse of this car .. so

thanks in advance