Formula E, the world’s first electric racing series, met with some skepticism at its launch, but the first two seasons delivered some great racing.

Now the folks behind the FIA Formula E Championship want their race cars to look different than other racing series machines, so they came up with a new design.

When the third season gets underway in Hong Kong in October, each of the 10 teams will have cars with a restyled front wing which features two tiers connected by the wheel arches.

The change will make the cars look more aggressive, but won’t provide any aerodynamic gain.

There are also two not so noticeable changes: a new steering wheel and upgraded, lighter Michelin tires.

“Formula E aims to be different, and this new front wing creates a look that’s different to every other car out there,” said Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag.

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Sebastian Buemi, the Swiss driver and reigning Formula E champion also noted his approval.

“I like the look of the new front wing — it looks a little bit more futuristic, and from inside the car you can see the top part of the wing, so visually for the driver there is also a small change,” he said. “We want Formula E to look different and be different, and the new wing is a good way of showing that.”

Starting with the first season, all teams were required to race identical Dallara-built Spark Renaults, which continues into this season’s races.

For the 2015-16 season the teams were given technical freedom to design and use their own motor-generator units, power inverters, and gearboxes.

Battery power output will remain at 200-kilowatt hours, rising to 220 kWh next season and 250 kWh in season five. That will be sufficient to last an entire race rather than switching cars at the halfway mark as they do now.

The upcoming third season will also see some new Formula E players as Jaguar has entered a team and Faraday Future has partnered with Dragon Racing to develop its powertrain.

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