Yesterday former Volt line director and former Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz was announced as a new member of the Electrification Coalition (EC).

His contribution to electrification was more pronounced when he was working for General Motors, where he worked over 30 years, and was in charge of the Volt from concerts stage in 2006 to 2012.

Despite less fruitful days at Fisker which went bankrupt, Posawatz is considered an authority on vehicle electrification, and his membership was positively portrayed by the EC.

Posawatz will “advise EC leadership on all matters of electric vehicle policy and the organization’s deployment community efforts, Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) and Drive Electric Orlando (DEO),” it said in a statement.

CEO for the EC, Robbie Diamond welcomed him to the organization and noted his credentials at helping it in its mission.

“The entire EC team is ecstatic that Tony is bringing his unparalleled record of experience and accomplishments to our organization,” Diamond said. “As a leader in transportation electrification, Tony will play a vital role in helping the EC develop and implement the policies needed to accelerate the deployment of EVs in order to diversify our nation’s transportation sector, break oil’s monopoly, and strengthen our country’s energy security.”

In an e-mail yesterday, Posawatz said he’s “very excited to join the EC and work with the other members/directors.

The EC’s members and directors include CEOs of outstanding companies like FedEx, GE, Eaton, Nissan, and others, he noted.

“Much has been accomplished to date with much more work still to be done by harnessing the innovative and collaborative spirit of the stakeholder community,” said Posawatz. “ I look forward to helping create an energy secure future that is both economically and environmentally sustainable and delivers the best automotive products the world has ever seen.”