Jan. 22, 2007: The New York Times—Ford Shows a Hybrid Car With 2 Modes: Electric or Electric

Summary: "Move over, gas-electric hybrid. Ford has a new entry, the electric-electric hybrid.

The vehicle, based on a Ford Edge crossover, runs on electricity from a battery, charged either from a standard wall socket or from an on-board fuel cell. It has two highly visible fueling ports, both on the driver’s side of the vehicle. One is a hose coupling for hydrogen gas, and the other is an electric connection like the one on a leaf blower, ready for a standard three-prong extension cord."

No engine noise in this demonstration vehicle—just the sound of the tires slapping pavement and the fuel cell’s air compressor. But the price of this silent ride might be a little steep just yet. At around $2 million, the car is more science experiment than showroom ready.

Besides the lack of fueling options and the very real problem that it takes so much energy to produce and store H2, the author also mentions that the hydrogen tank is seven times bulkier than a gasoline tank containing the same amount of energy. Although it may change in a few decades, hydrogen doesn’t yet make sense.

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