Ford is teasing a performance electric SUV with a classic name.

The night before the start of the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled the new Ranger pickup, a faster Edge crossover, and another special Mustang. But then they teased something completely unexpected.

The clip starts with a street sign for Corktown. The oldest neighborhood in Detroit, and home to Ford’s Project Edison electric vehicle skunkworks.

It then shows a Mustang and an Explorer entering the Ford building, followed by a Frankensteinian bolt of lightning. That can only mean one thing: the spirits of the two are being combined in some sort of twisted experiment. Or, more likely, that Ford is planning to build a fast SUV that offers Mustang-like performance. And is electric.

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It ends with a streak of light firing down the road, followed by the iconic Mach 1 script that the Ford Mustang wore from 1968 to 1978.

They later tweeted the clip, captioning it as inspired by icons but developed by Team Edison.

That’s right, an electric performance SUV from Ford, wearing the Mach 1 name, arriving in 2020.

“Can a battery electric vehicle stir the soul,” asked Ford exec Jim Farley, teasing the Mach 1.

Ford isn’t offering up any details, or even hints as to what the vehicle could offer in terms of range and performance. But it does seem to be saying that the vehicle will offer the size of the Explorer with the performance of a Mustang.

It won’t be the first electric SUV, or even the first performance electric SUV. That doesn’t mean that the idea of Ford putting together one of its own isn’t an exciting idea.

The announcement comes just months after Ford said that it was planning to cut $14 billion in costs over five years and transfer that savings into electric vehicle research. Part of that money was earmarked for Ford’s EV-only Team Edison engineering and marketing team.