Ride sharing, electric vehicles, bike sharing, and self-driving cars in Ford products will make for the future of Ford Motor Co., according to a 90-second Super Bowl spot.

The TV ad is being tied to the opening of FordHub at the Westfield World Trade Center in New York City. The 2,900-square-foot hands-on experiential center will be open to consumers to try out exhibits and learn more about Ford’s vision as an evolving mobility company offering “transportation solutions,” instead of just being a vehicle manufacturer.

Ford announced the two marketing campaigns today in preparation for next Sunday’s Super Bowl. The Detroit automaker is paying for a 90-second ad immediately before the kickoff Sunday on Fox network, Ford’s U.S. marketing director Chantel Lenard told USA Today. The FordHub exhibit center will open at that time.

The “2017 Ford Go Further” TV commercial shows people getting stopped from what they want to do, which could be snow skiing, kite flying, getting their basketball unstuck from the hoop, or driving home while gridlocked in heavy traffic. The TV ad suggests that for Ford owners, the solutions will come from staying course and tapping into its new technologies and services; that includes an onboard mapping system, a self-parking car, using Ford’s bike delivery service, charging one of its electric cars, or using its recently acquired Chariot van shuttle service.

Wouldn’t it be fun to view the beautiful countryside and smile at a loved one traveling with you in a self-driving Ford car, the ad hints.

The TV ad will also tell viewers about stories they can view on ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and autonomous vehicle efforts at FordGoFurther.com.

FordHub illustrates the company’s commitment to sweeping changes it sees shaping the future of the industry. Self-driving cars will be connected to ride-hailing apps that will eventually take away car ownership. Ford hopes locals and visitors will swing by the exhibit hall to try out a few games including an opportunity to build a Mustang in a three-dimensional setting; seeing how local transportation alerts can be viewed on a massive video wall display; joining up with a virtual race showing players how regenerative braking works; and finding out about Ford’s strategy for bringing out autonomous vehicles.

Ford CEO Mark Fields had an interview with USA Today earlier this month where he outlined Ford’s campaign to help cities redesign their mass-transit networks using self-driving vehicles. Fields sees mobility services and systems being a big part of Ford’s future profits.

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The automaker won’t be able to sell any cars at its FordHub location, unlike a Tesla retail store. Ford employees will direct interested buyers to their local dealer, said Elena Ford, vice president of global dealer and consumer experience.

“We really see ourselves as having one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow,” said Ford, a descendant of company founder Henry Ford. “We love our core business and we are nurturing that and making sure that is very stable and having great products. But we also want to have one foot in tomorrow, and that is what we’re doing here.”

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