As part of Ford’s overall strategy, many of its vehicles will have plug-in hybrid variants in the next few years, including the F-150.

During a press event at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, Ford teased the upcoming F-150 variant that provided a few details on the first hybrid pickup truck from the Dearborn manufacturer.

Ford’s Jim Farley announced during the media event that the company would be increasing their investment in electric vehicles to $11 billion.

In the video above (start at the 32 minute mark), Farley stated that the hybrid F-150 would not only be able to get you to the job site, but that it’d be able to power the job site. He then showed a video where some folks were watching a football game during a blackout while they were plugged into the back of the truck.

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The current F-150 is available with a 400-watt power inverter built-in, which is enough to power a television like in the video shown. That same power inverter can charge tools at most job sites. Vehicles like the Leaf are capable of “Vehicle to Home” to supply electricity, though Ford didn’t state that that’d be a feature of the hybrid F-150.

Finally, Ford announced that the truck would be available in 2020. Pricing and performance details are not currently available, but the truck will be built alongside the current F-150 at the Dearborn Truck Plant in Detroit.