If you’re a consumer that’s committed to the idea of having an all-electric car, but have held back on the purchase because of comparatively high prices for EVs, now might be the time to consider taking the EV plunge.

While not widely advertised, at least not yet, Ford is offering a substantial discount, to the tune of $10,750, on a lease of its 2013 Focus Electric.

A 36-month lease at $249 per month for the Focus is available through the Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease program, and requires $2,138 cash due at signing.

The standard 36-month lease for the Electric is normally $306 per month, but the recently announced Red Carpet Lease incentive reduces the net cost of the car to $29,249 from $39,995 (both prices include $795 destination charges) according to Ford’s Web site.

And as The Detroit News notes, Ford is also offering 1.9 percent financing on a 72-month loan and a $2,000 cash discount on the purchase of a Focus Electric.

The deals started January 17 and run through April 1, 2013, but are available only through Ford Credit.

As is often reported, sales of electric vehicles continue to remain but a tiny portion of the greater auto market, leading some to speculate lease deals like that on the Focus Electric, and similarly discounted offers for the 2012 Nissan Leaf, are how manufacturers are currently coping.

By the end of last year electric vehicle sales were half a percent of the greater auto market, but year over year sales of EVs have increased steadily. Although Nissan sold less than 10,000 Leafs in 2012, year over year sales of the car were up by roughly 1.5 percent.

Despite the growth of the segment, dealers and manufacturers are continuing to offer discounts, like the rather attractive offer an Illinois Mitsubishi dealer created to move the i-MiEV.

O’Brien Mitsubishi, located in Normal, Ill., is leasing the compact Mitsubishi electric car for as low as $69 per month on a 24-month lease.

The Detroit News