The next time you’re busted for a traffic infraction in your hybrid you may not be able to give your usual smug retort to the officer, “Yeah, but at least I’m not driving a gas guzzler!”

OK, maybe you’re more polite and/or smarter than that, but less far-out and absurd is Ford says it is now offering America’s most fuel-efficient police car.

Not that it actually beats most hybrids, but the automaker in Dearborn says its Special Service Police Sedan leads the way being EPA rated at 20 mpg city, 30 highway, 24 combined.

Nor is the law-enforcement vehicle primarily intended for chasing evaders down, but it does have the underpinnings and interchangeable parts of a sturdy highway dominator albeit with efficient 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine under the hood as part of a lineup that includes more powerful versions.

“Agencies looking to reduce their fuel expenditures, especially for non-pursuit vehicles in small rural agencies, universities and for detective work will want to take a look,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford police marketing manager. “We’ve had great feedback on the vehicle and had a lot of agencies asking about it.”

Ford observes its police car is more competitive than either of the other two brands being offered to cost-conscious fleet operators.

“Both Dodge and Chevy’s most efficient police sedans achieve an EPA-estimated rating of 21 mpg combined; neither hit the 30 mpg mark on the highway cycle,” said Ford in a statement.

At the current national average $3.21 per gallon for gas, assuming 30,000 miles driven per year, Ford estimates “the Special Service Police package could save agencies approximately $1,720 over three years compared with the most efficient competitors in the market today, which are rated at 21 mpg combined.”

For police fleets with as many as 150 cars, “the savings estimate over three years jumps to approximately $257,940,” said the automaker.