Ford’s new era of electric vehicles will kick off on November 17th with the debut of the Mach E.

Borrowing a nomenclature from the Mustang Mach 1, the Mach E will be “Mustang inspired.”

While we expect that means in looks, it could get Mustang performance and handling too – not to mention the Mustang’s attractive pricing.

Look for power in the range of 400-hp with an overall driving range of roughly 300 miles – significantly more than cars like the Audi e-tron, with it’s 204 mile EPA range.

The Ford Mach E is then expected to go on sale late next year, though pricing is a complete mystery. Rumors have pegged the retail price at around $40,000 while competitive models in the luxury space all sit north of $40,000.

So what will Ford do? Well, even when the car debuts on Nov 17th, don’t expect pricing until next year.

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