Ford is finding success in California with its Fusion sedan.

The Ford Fusion is continuing to gain market share in large part due to design-conscious buyers in California, stated the company.

The Fusion sedan is available with various powertrains, including Ford’s EcoBoost engine, a Hybrid version and a plug-in. These have no doubt helped put the Fusion top of mind for many Californians.

Ford stated the midsize sedan segment in the U.S. overall continues to grow in sales volume, but as a percentage of total sales the segment is being outpaced by other segments, including small utilities. Despite those headwinds in the segment, Ford Fusion retail registrations continue to grow at double the pace of the midsize sedan segment overall, according to Ford’s analysis of Polk new vehicle registration data from IHS Automotive.

Ford attributes sales growth for the Fusion sedan to retail demand from motorists in the Golden State; with retail registrations up 27 percent in California through July, the state contributed to 21 percent of the Fusion’s retail sales growth in the U.S. market.

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“The Fusion is achieving growth in all the right places, especially in California, which is the largest midsize sedan market in the country, followed by Texas,” said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “Fusion growth in California is growing at twice the rate of the overall midsize sedan segment. Fusion sales and share are both the highest levels we’ve seen.”

Texas was the second biggest contributor to Fusion sales growth with 22 percent retail gains, representing 14 percent of U.S. Fusion retail registration growth in the U.S. through July.

Through September of this year, the Fusion has seen its market share climb to an all-time high of 12 percent, according to industry sales data, and has produced record sales for six of the last nine months.