Three years after going on sale, the Ford Focus Electric has its first television commercial.

In comparison to vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Kia Soul EV – three battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that regularly outsell the Focus Electric – Ford says very little about its lone EV.

After the new commercial began airing, Charged said it confirmed through Ford’s PR firm, Ogilvy, that it was the first TV ad for the car.

“It seems to be a substantial buy (although Ford declined to talk about budgets), with TV ads running in eight major US metro areas on a wide variety of different types of programs, and print ads running in newspapers and several categories of magazines,” Charged reported.

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It’s unclear, though possible, that Ford’s minimal advertising is one reason the Focus Electric doesn’t post healthy sales. Last year, the Focus EV was ranked 10th in BEV sales for the U.S., posting just under 2,000 sales for the year.

Though this year the Focus Electric has moved up two spots to eighth place (as of the end of September), overall its 2015 sales have dipped by 17.4 percent.

Range may be another issue lowering sales. With an estimated range of 76 miles, the Focus Electric is lapped by similarly-priced models such as the Kia Soul (93-mile range) and Nissan Leaf (107 miles for the 2016 model year).