“Highs: Best fuel economy we’ve measured in a sport-ute, hybrid status hasn’t compromised any of the Escape’s usefulness. Lows: Not the bargain the Toyota Prius is, lethargic, 10 percent heavier than a V-6 Escape. The Verdict: Proof that hybrid technology works for sport-utility vehicles. Just don’t expect 50 mpg.”
Car and Driver

“For the record, this leadfoot, who drove as if an egg was beneath the gas pedal, got 35 mpg and was near the top of the list (for the AWD models). Alas, the celebration was short-lived, as my partner got 50 mpg on her go-round! Of course, she had almost all green lights, while my efforts were hindered by a string of reds… But all kidding aside, we were thoroughly impressed by the fact that we both soundly beat Ford’s own city estimates for the AWD version. Our only complaint with the powertrain was a minor one — the engine gets a little buzzy while maintaining speeds of 55 mph or above on long uphill stretches.”

“The dual power sources work together very well and the SUV goes down the road much like the conventional Escape – but with a lot better gas mileage. What’s the downside? Mostly, it’s a matter of getting used to the gas engine cutting out to save fuel when you sit at a traffic light or intersection. You only need the electric motor to get started, but it takes a while to train your brain to this.”