Without any public announcement or press release, Ford has lowered the price on two 2016 hybrids. Both the Fusion Hybrid S and Fusion Energi SE Luxury are cheaper in the 2016 order guide, each going down by $900.

The Fusion Hybrid S is Ford’s most basic version of its cheapest hybrid. Its 3.39-percent price reduction takes it from the current model’s price of $26,575, to the 2016 price of $25,675. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ford is also cutting the price of its luxury plug-in hybrid. The Energi SE (pictured above) will decrease from $34,800 (for the current model) to $33,900 for the 2016 version, a 2.59-percent reduction. The price analysis comes from Alex Bernstein with CarsDirect.com.

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

What’s more, noted Bernstein, is that the change in price doesn’t come with a matching cut in features. By taking a look at Ford’s pricing history for its hybrid fleet, though, a trend in reducing prices is apparent.

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A year ago, Ford dropped the price of the Fusion Energi by $4,000, citing a desire to remain competitive against Toyota and Tesla as the driving decision. Last fall, Ford also took its red pen to the Focus Electric, taking $6,000 off the sticker price.

“We hope by reducing the price, we will give more consumers another reason to consider it,” Ford communications representative Aaron Miller told HybridCars.com in October.

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To date this pricing strategy seems to be working. Last year, the Fusion Energi was the second most popular plug-in hybrid: sales totals of about 12,000 units put it above Ford’s C-Max Energi and Toyota’s Prius Plug In.

The Fusion Hybrid sold more units than the Energi – totaling about 35,000 sales – though it held a lower market share behind Toyota’s Prius Liftback, Prius C and Camry Hybrid (respectively).