Ford Motor Co. has confirmed another slashing of the Focus Electric’s price by $6,000 to $29,995 including dealer shipping charge.

The converted all-electric 2012 Focus began sales in 17 initial markets in November 2011 at $39,995 with first deliveries in December. In July 2013 it received a $4,000 cut, and now if anyone questions whether Ford wants to move more units, it’s effectively 25 percent off.

While early reports suggested it was essentially a compliance car, Ford product communications representative Aaron Miller today observed the Focus Electric is available now in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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“The Focus Electric has provided customers the design and engineering of the world’s best-selling nameplate combined with unrivaled fuel economy,” said Miller to “We hope by reducing the price, we will give more consumers another reason to consider it.”

Model year 2014 cars had already been receiving a $6,000 discount, and Miller said ’14s will be discounted as are 2015s on the sticker. The price cut mirrors other cuts to plug-in cars such as by Chevy for its 2014 Volt, Mitsubishi for its 2014 i-MiEV, and Nissan for its Leaf which as of 2013 was priced at the sub $30,000 level Ford is now offering.

Focus Electric on the assembly line.

Focus Electric on the assembly line.

But Ford has sold fewer than 4,000 units for as long as it’s been on the market. From January 2014 through September, the automaker moved 1,534 Focus Electrics compared to Nissan’s 21,822, and even the California and Oregon-only Chevy Spark EV has sold 895.

The Leaf and Focus are closer in size to one another with EPA-rated range of 84 miles for the Leaf, 76 for the Focus Electric. The Leaf is a purpose-built EV with battery in the floor. The Ford is an adaptation, but does one better with liquid cooling thermal management.

Since its launch, Ford has broadened the Focus Electric’s market and its price is now lower despite early statements by Ford executives suggesting the EV was a niche car, and its battery costs a king’s ransom.

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Actually, in April 2012 Ford CEO Alan Mulally revealed the company’s cost for each battery assembly fitted to the car that cost around $18,300 with gas engine, was $12,000-$15,000.

Another choice quote came that same month from Jim Farley, Ford’s vice president of global marketing recently said, “the marketing of the Focus Electric is to people who buy electric vehicles, not you and me.”

If that was ever true, it is certainly less so now.