Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Ford Fusion Hybrid.

If you’ve read that plug-in hybrids are the new shining technological stars, and regular hybrids are no longer so special, that’s not quite fair.

One could forgive mainstream journalists from saying so if on deadline and reaching for something pithy to say, and in any case, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are more prominent in the public eye.

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But as we’ve written before, both technologies have their pros and cons. As far as the trendiness award goes, absolutely, PHEVs are more novel, but as cars that must work for you, are there any ways in which hybrid vehicles have an advantage?

In qualified terms, yes, and this will call attention to some of those. Obviously PHEVs make a case too, most notably being they run like part-time EVs, but here are some things to consider about plain-old regular hybrids.