Is it safe to say that Fisker Automotive is not planning to throw in the towel just yet?

Almost every commentator is saying the Anaheim Calif.-based plug-in hybrid maker’s bankruptcy is imminent – and for all we know it might be – yet inexplicably the company has just posted a new Web site with an eye toward a future.

The under-construction Web site is only a mock-up with a promise of “coming soon.”

It has tabs that are not all working, but one is titled “Tomorrow” under which is named the Atlantic model not yet in production, as well as the future Sunset convertible version of the Karma, and Surf “shooting brake” version of the Karma.

The site also has instructions for first responders to safely handle a high-voltage crashed Karma, among several other tabs. You can check it out for yourself here.

What’s going on?

As has been widely reported, Fisker has been in an extremely defensive posture, having faced a Republican-led subcommittee yesterday among numerous other dire portents of its pending collapse.

A couple of weeks ago, GigaOm reported Fisker was being sued for $535,000 by its Web designer, so that its old Web site was taken down is not out of the ordinary.

But now it has a new site hinting at plans to come?

If the company – which reportedly has bankruptcy documents drawn up – is indeed planning to file them, why bother with a Web site talking about “tomorrow?”

We have communications into Fisker, but so far have been unsuccessful in getting through. Not surprising that, as Fisker has widely been reported as not responding to reporter inquiries.

If we learn more, we’ll let you know.