In addition to hopefully re-launching the Karma series hybrid, Fisker Automotive’s new owners aim to introduce a second plug-in model within the next three years.

However, both Lu Guanqiu, chairman and founder of Wanxiang Group Co., which bought Fisker during a bankruptcy auction earlier this year, and Pin Ni, president of the company’s U.S. unit, are still unsure of when the original $100,000 Karma luxury sedan will reenter production.

According to Automotive News, there are plenty of obstacles to consider, including fixing around 250 “bugs” in the current Karma, securing quality components and figuring out how to eventually transfer production from the Valmet facility in Finland to Fisker’s new operations in Delaware.

“Our goal is to fix all the issues and get the car back on the road,” Ni told AN through an interpreter. “But this car has to be a good car. It cannot be a car with problems.

“We want to make this car in the United States. This too is determined. But it terms of a detailed plan we are still evaluating.”

One huge problem that stalled the Karma’s original production run and eventually led to Fisker’s bankruptcy was that supplier A123 Systems went under too and couldn’t supply the lithium-ion battery packs anymore. But now that Wanxiang Group owns both Fisker and A123, that shouldn’t prove to be an issue moving forward.

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