Fisker Karma powertrain cutawayWe posted a piece yesterday discussing Michigan-based battery maker A123 making some necessary steps after emerging from bankruptcy, and today have some news relating to A123, albeit more indirectly.

Green Car Reports got hold of an email sent to people who had bought the initial batch of 2012 Fisker Karma models by a representative from Fisker Automotive’s new owner, Wanxiang America. Wanxiang also owns A123, which was the sole supplier of batteries for the Karma range-extended hybrid, and whose bankruptcy in turn forced Fisker into its own Chapter 11 proceedings.

Linyun Frank Qi, the coordinator in charge of Fisker for Wanxiang in Chigaco, sent a note to the Fisker Owners Club, hoping to ease tensions by saying that there should be a supply of spare parts available soon.

“In the next month or so, we should have some good news for the original Fisker owners,” Qi said. “For some of you who have been waiting and waiting to get your Karma back in shape and on the road, I understand your frustration. I too have got into an accident with the company show car… and then had to wait a long time for parts (FYI, the car is still in the body shop.)

“The Fisker team is settling and still negotiating with over 300 suppliers, most of them are good to go now which means we will soon have access to all the parts and also means you will soon have access to them too.”

Still no word on what Fisker plans for either resuming Karma production or any future models instead.