Fisker Automotive, which has not produced a car since last year and laid off most of its staff in April, reportedly saw its CEO Tony Posawatz step down this month as it also contemplates a fire-sale offer of $25 million from a German company.

We do not know if the two events are related nor have we received confirmation on this news posted by another publication. Although Fisker installed a new Web site with media inquiry e-mail and contact info, it has never replied to any query from us, even when we offered assurance we could be trusted to keep things off the record if requested.

In any event, Jalopnik – which doesn’t appear to be receiving replies from Fisker either – reported Aug. 23 that an anonymous tipster told it that Posawatz left over money issues and COO, Bernhard Kohler, is the new CEO.

Posawatz came on board in mid August 2012 after leaving a long career at Chevrolet, and as the former vehicle line director for the Volt.

Now one year later, he’s gone, and the company has for a while now been but a shell of what it once was from the days when it produced more than 1,500 Karmas and burned through $1.4 billion, including $193 million in taxpayer dollars.

And perhaps for that reason, an opportunistic offer by Fritz AG Noi for $25 million was made, this news also coming from Jalopnik. The proposal includes cessation of Fisker’s production deal in Finland and calls for production in the U.S.

The German company that made the offer is headed by Hamburg lawyer Ingo Voigt, and Jalopnik notes that German publication says Fritz AG Noi wants to build 2,500 more Karmas and then introduce the Karma-based Sunset and Surf versions.

Word has it also this would take approval of the U.S. Department of Energy which is owed more than $171 million by Fisker.