The first Tesla Model S wagon is now ready to go.

It started with a couple of pints in a local pub and ended with a carbon fiber re-bodied Tesla wagon – or shooting brake, depending on who you ask.

The idea originated when a man was complaining to a friend that his Model S couldn’t hold his dogs in the back. There wasn’t enough room under the hatch for the furry beasts. He wanted a proper estate car. A wagon. One with room in the back for four-legged friends.

That led to the creation of Qwest. They deconstructed a Model S P90 and rebuilt it into a wagon. The new bits were made using carbon fiber for the bodywork. Gone is the long sloping hatch. It’s been chopped off by an air saw. Replaced with an upright tailgate and bigger rear windows.

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The company says that the changes add 7.4 cubic feet of cargo space to the 26.3 a Model S normally has behind the rear seat. That brings it to an SUV-like 33.7. More importantly, there is more room for Ted and Pearl (two of the owner’s three dogs) in the boot.

The carbon bodywork pieces were fabricated by Formula 1 supplier CODEM. The rear glass isn’t pinched from another car, but was custom made by glassmaker Pilkington. The mass-market supplier chain means that the company can easily source parts for more. And that’s what Qwest is hoping to do – put the Model S shooting brake into production for other buyers who like the look and the extra space.

Qwest said that the carbon bodywork means that the Model S Shooting Brake is actually lighter than the standard P90D it’s based on. By about 26 pounds. That means it’s still quicker than the 603 horsepower Mercedes-AMG E63 wagon.

It’s not the simplest solution to an electric vehicle with some extra cargo space – Tesla’s own Model X offers even more – but it’s probably the coolest. Definitely the most stylish.

This is the first Tesla wagon, but there will be more. Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar has said it will start production of its own this spring.