Tesla ushered in another milestone through the choppy production process that has been Model 3 manufacturing. The first Model 3 with the optional performance package and all-wheel drive rolled off the assembly line this past Saturday.

The automaker’s CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to share a photo of the electric car and said the Model 3 performance pack will be built on a new general assembly line. In fact, the line was constructed under a tent. He added the new line was built in three weeks with minimal resources.

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The Model 3 performance pack with AWD won’t extend the electric car’s range past the EPA-estimated 310-mile rating, but it will go faster. Over the standard Model 3 Long Range variant, the Model 3 Performance variant is 1 second quicker to from 0-60 mph at 3.5 seconds versus 4.5 seconds. The performance model will also reach a top speed fo 155 mph over the standard car’s 140 mph top speed.

It’s unclear how much a loaded Model 3 with the performance package and dual-motor setup will cost in total, but the AWD setup will add $5,000 to a Model 3 electric car. The start of production for the performance package means for two out of three promised Model 3 variants are now in production. Customers are still waiting for the Model 3 short-range model, which comes with the advertised $35,000 price tag after U.S. federal tax credits.