Subaru may have a name for its upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle: The Subaru Evoltis. The potential name was outed in a U.S. trademark filing.

Car and Driver first discovered the trademark filing, though Subaru declined to comment on the potential name. The trademark was also given code 1B, which translates to “intent to use.”

While Evoltis is the likely choice for the plug-in hybrid’s name, it could also be the name of the PHEV’s hybrid system. Per the report, the potential Subaru Evoltis will more than likely borrow the Toyota Prius Prime’s powertrain. Subaru chief technical officer Takeshi Tachimori previously noted that the Japanese automaker has used Toyota technologies “as much as possible” for its plug-in car.

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C/D surmised it’s possible that Subaru will also borrow Toyota’s E-Four all-wheel-drive system, which Toyota offers on the Prius in Japan. The AWD system includes a third electric motor at the rear.

The possible Evoltis plug-in will arrive by the end of this year to comply with California Zero Emission Vehicle regulations, and it will be the first electrified offering since the unloved Crosstrek Hybrid was canceled in 2016. Subaru previously hinted it also has plans for battery-electric vehicle, though such a car is likely years away.