The Tesla Model 3 is due for deliveries by late 2017.

In a brief disclosure today, the automaker’s shareholder letter described investments in the Gigafactory and additional customer support infrastructure as it anticipates overall sales growth of 60-80 percent this year, and its volume model, the 3.

“These investments will help prepare the way for Model 3, which is on schedule to be unveiled on March 31st and to start production and deliveries in late 2017,” said Tesla’s letter.

The company has also said the price would be $35,000 to start without stating whether an additional delivery fee would be added.

Tesla’s Model 3 would also be also eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit and state incentives as applicable, but the U.S. law may need to be amended to raise a cap set at 200,000 units per manufacturer.

At its present rate of U.S. sales, and factoring that it is pursuing aggressive growth as it goes this year and presumably next year, Tesla may be near or at the 200,000 unit limit in time for the first 2018 model year for Model 3.

Plug-in car advocates have separately said there may be ways to attack the cap limit set under federal law. State programs operate on their own schedule and rules, and are a separate matter.