Coming soon is the first hybrid version of the Ford Mustang, expected sometime after the new generation of Ford Mustang debuts in 2023. Known to enthusiasts as the 7th-generation Ford Mustang, the new Mustang will bring many innovations, including both a hybrid as well as a battery electric Mustang.

Many people think of hybrid cars only in the context of maximizing fuel economy, but as high-performance hybrids like the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder have demonstrated, hybrid powertrain systems can be engineered to offer greater performance, in addition to improved fuel economy, through supplementing an internal combustion engine’s performance with the additional power of an electric motor at lower engine speeds.

Although fuel economy will not be the Mustang hybrid’s primary focus, the car is expected to offer greater power than today’s V8 Mustangs while offering fuel economy similar to a six-cylinder Mustang. Like others in the industry, Ford is downsizing the displacement of its engines to meet ever more stringent emissions and economy mandates. The Mustang hybrid will likely feature a V6 engine supplemented by one or two electric motors on the front axle to create an all-wheel-drive Mustang.

Talk of the Mustang hybrid is not mere speculation; Ford’s Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair prematurely disclosed a few details about the upcoming hybrid Mustang in an interview at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). When asked whether the Mustang Hybrid would be more like the Porsche 918 rather than the Toyota Prius, Mr. Nair answered:

“That’s exactly right. We’re talking about using electrification to give our consumers more, and in the Mustang it’s all about performance. So we’re talking about V8-like performance and at the low-end even more torque available with the electric motors. So it’s going to be a very, very fun hybrid to drive.”

Although the hybrid will not feature an all electric launch from a stop, the system will add torque from a low RPM. “You couple that with an EcoBoost type engine and you have a great combination” said Mr. Nair.

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