New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow vision is about to be realized in just a few months and the vehicle is getting ready for production.

Later this fall, the all-new and completely redesigned taxis are due on the city’s streets.

This comes just two years after Nissan won a bid to redesign and supply the New York City fleet of cabs.

Since then the company said it has been singularly focused on perfecting the vehicle for passengers, drivers, and owners.

Nissan_Taxi_03A-668Recently the final official milestone meetings for key stakeholders took place in Manhattan. It was a chance for the Taxi & Limousine Commission, drivers and inspectors to react to the Taxi of Tomorrow prototype before production starts.

According to Nissan, this meeting, like the many before it, was designed to further refine the vehicle before it is put into service for the more than 600,000 people who hail a cab in NYC each year.

“Seeing the nobs and buttons put in place, seeing the screen where it is, seeing the whole thing come to life is really exciting. And that was just sitting in the back seat. When we started rolling, it really came to life,” said Andrew Salkin, deputy commissioner operations, NYC Department of Finance.

Nissan also said that from powertrain, to chassis, to interior fit and finish, the Taxi of Tomorrow demonstrates the type of innovative spirit that goes into all Nissan vehicles, on the city streets of New York and around the world.

An electric-powered version of the vehicle chosen does exist, but is not yet planned for taxi duty in NY.