Nov. 21, 2007: Source – Reuters

Ferrari marketing image

Ferrari, one of the world’s most famous brands for exotic performance cars, wants to make future models of its sports line greener, by striving for higher fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Specifically, it aims to improve its vehicles to consume 40 percent less fuel and produce 25 percent fewer emissions than the current models. "We have to face the challenge of reducing consumption but not affecting the performance of the car," said Amedeo Felisa, general manager of the company.

Engineers are testing various approaches to achieving these eco-friendly results. The range of strategies include developing new engine technologies to utilizing lighter weight materials.

Ferrari’s announcement comes at a time when the European Commission and the auto industry are battling over stricter standards for CO2 emissions. The most recent proposal calls for a cap of 125 grams per kilometer by 2015. The previous non-binding target was 120 g/km by 2012, well below Ferrari’s current levels of 400 g/km. All of the major carmakers in Europe, including Ferrari and Lamborghini, are working to meet the tighter standards.

The U.S. could potentially benefit from the more stringent European standards, because a good share of Ferrari vehicles are purchased by Americans. Ferrari sells 6,000 cars annually.


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